Steering Committee


2018 SAWDC WoO Steering Committee Meetings 
Thursday, June 21st
Thursday, July 19th
Thursday, August 16th
Thursday, September 6th
Thursday, September 13th

Week of 2018 Event
Monday, September 17th Set-up Day - Overhead Signage only
Tuesday, September 18th Set-up Day - all Worlds
Wednesday, September 19th SAWDC WoO
Thursday, September 20th SAWDC WoO

Important Contact Information

Shernita Taylor, SAWDC Operations Director
(251) 445-2090 (office);

 Larry Mouton, MCPSS Assistant Superintendent
(251) 221-4821 (office);

Heidi Kearton, SAWDC Project Manager
(251)635-7919 (cell);